Whitetail Deer Management and Hunting

Whitetail Deer Management and Hunting.com has grown from our passion for whitetail deer hunting.

In 2004 we were searching for a digital trail camera to take pictures of the deer on our property. Sifting through the cameras available, we had a lot of difficulty and ended up being very pleased with homebrew style trail cameras that we were able to purchase online. In the years since the homebrew trail camera market has pretty much dried up, but we are left with ten real nice trail cameras. We currently have a couple of cameras out along with others in special spots from time to time and will post pictures that we find interesting.

Although the homebrew camera market isn't what it was at one time, there are still some opportunities to get the supplies needed to make your own. We'll continue to explore this some ourselves and we encourage you to do the same.

In 2015 we started our Deer Droppings, musings on our adventures in the deer woods. Check them out.

Another deer management practice we have enjoyed doing over the years is planting food plots for the deer. We have decided to take you along with us so that you can learn from our mistakes and successes. Each year we try something new and have added more acreage to our plots.

You can follow along with our food plot adventures in The Food Plot Journal by either subscribing to the newsletter or checking back often and reading it on the food plot updates page.

We have experimented with deer management practices over the years and we’ll provide you with a look into what we have tried. Take a tour through our deer management pages, maybe you can pick up a tip or two that will help you manage your deer herd.

Make sure you check out our site map, there is a lot of information on here for you to browse through. Please enjoy and thanks for visiting Whitetail Deer Management and Hunting.com.

Take a look at our newest or latest updated pages:

May 31 Whitetail Deer Photographs

Our 2015 Buck

Our 2015 Doe

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Deer Droppings 2016
Deer droppings 2016 are our thoughts on our experiences managing our local deer.
Whitetail Deer Photographs
Whitetail deer photographs taken with our digital trail cameras.
Deer Feeders - Creating Wildlife Hubs
The author shares experiences that they have had setting up deer feeders for whitetail deer. Insight is given on protecting feeders from varmints as well as location and feeding recommendations.
2016 Bobcat Pictures
Our 2016 bobcat pictures captured with digital trail cameras.
2015 Black Bear Pictures
2015 black bear pictures captured with our digital trail cameras.
2015 Coyote Pictures
2015 coyote pictires taken with out digital trail cameras.
Fox Pictures
Fox pictures taken with our digital trail cameras.
Game Camera Gallery
Game camera pictures from the visitors to Whitetail Deer Hunting and Management.
Whitetail Deer Gallery
Our whitetail deer gallery of harvested bucks from our readers.
Our Trophy Bucks
Pictures of trophy bucks that we have shot.
Plant a food plot - Healthy nutrition for deer - Fun to plant and watch grow
History and planting methods for the food plots for whitetail deer on our land. Use the links on this page to go to the food plot updates.
Whitetail Deer Food Plot Updates
Whitetail deer food plot updates from our food plot experiences.
Whitetail Deer Food Plot Seed Review
Whitetail deer food plot seed reviews.
Whitetail Deer Management Stategies and Deer Hunting History
The authors strategies for whitetail deer management and the deer hunting history for the land that they hunt.
Antler Growth
A look at the antler growth of one buck over a two year period.
Youth Hunting - Teaching The Next Generation
The youth hunting page is about the experiences taking children hunting and tips about how to make it fun for them.
Whitetail Deer T-Shirts
Wear whitetail deer t-shirts to show everyone you are a hunter.
Deer Supplements
Using whitetail deer supplements - The author shares his experiences using different varieties of mineral supplements for deer.
Site Map
The site map for Whitetail Deer Management and Hunting.
E-mail contact page
E-mail the site's author.
Whitetail Deer Links
Whitetail deer links that you will find helpful.
Whitetail Deer Sitesearch
Use sitesearch to search our site or the whole web.
Site Build It! Resources
Site Build It! Resources - This page is about how the author and how he went from little web site knowledge to having a respectable web site. SBI products are offerred including free book downloads.
Homemade Deer Feeders - Easy to make yourself.
Homemade deer feeders are not difficult to make. You can often find what you need laying in your garage.
Homemade Treestands - hunters roost or hunters downfall.
Are wooden homemade treestands the right ticket for seeing more whitetails?
Whitetail Deer Stories - As seen through a scouting camera.
Whitetail deer stories about two bucks that grew up with scouting camera pictures documenting their growth over three years.
Whitetail Habitat Improvement - Big bucks need nutritious forage.
Whitetail Habitat improvement can go a long way towards maintaining a healthy deer herd at a low cost.
Check Your Local Weather
Check your local weather before you go out to hunt your trophy whitetail deer.
Whitetail Deer Articles
Whitetail deer articles from various authors.
May 24th Deer Photos
Deer photos taken with a StalkerCam, Treebark Camera, Bigfoot SLE and Camtrakker Digital Ranger trail cameras from the days preceding May 18th.
Thoughts on planting clover in our whitetail deer food plots.