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When is the Best Time for Walleye Fishing?

When is the Best Time for Walleye Fishing?

The season of walleye fishing is best during springtime. But, fall months and summer nights are as good for fishing walleyes. Like a weatherman predicting weather that doesn’t seem to be correct, the proper fishing time can’t be predicted too. 

The best season is when walleyes seem to be hungry. It would be after the spawn during the spring season. After the spawning period, walleyes rest for several days before they venture out for foods and the starting journey to open waters. It’s the best time for walleye fishing.

Although the season is chilly, you’ll find that you have a lot of strikes after spawning compared to what you have throughout the year. Walleyes have had slow feeding winter and spawn will take everything they’ve left. They don’t feed during spawning, so they’re going to get hungry. In this time, it is best to use some small baits. Walleyes are ready to feed and hungry, yet they’re eating in particular amounts to build up almost dormant appetite. Through watching the weather reports, temperature reports, and water condition, you may also pinpoint the best time to look for walleyes by the lakeshores and in rivers.

Through tracking water temperatures, you’ll have more knowledge on when you should start and get out of fishing. Late month of April to early month of May is a great time in some northern states like Wisconsin. The water temperatures are getting right for spawning period and there are countless of areas to fish where walleyes are present. Small lakes, rivers, and bigger lakes with lots of weeds and underwater rock formations are a good place to begin walleye fishing. The mouth of the rivers is a great place to sit while catching walleyes as they begin their venture back to lake waters.

During the month of May, a good place to start walleye fishing is by the weed beds. You may use a minnow and slip bobber to drop in right above the weeds’ tops. It’s a great time to stay in shallow waters since the temperature of water is warmer and weeds grow well. Walleyes would stay there until the perfect time to head to deep waters. A good time of the day is at dusk and dawn in shallow waters.

Some months of the year will be great for walleye fishing. Nevertheless, you have to contact several local bait stores for local reports on how walleyes are biting. Other areas are much better at various times. Still, the best time to catch walleyes is after and during spawning season in April to May.

If there is one thing that every angler does have to remember when it comes to walleye fishing during spawning period, it’s the fact not to keep females before spawning. It will only hurt the population of walleye in the future. Majority of anglers would go walleye fishing at post spawning period when everything’s done and over. During spawning, females don’t feed anyway, yet males to do a bit. Through waiting until after spawning, you’ll need more fish to select from the verses when fish that’s spawning.