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Know the Common Wilderness Survival Mistakes to Avoid

Know the Common Wilderness Survival Mistakes to Avoid

By http://whatisprepping.net

It is a fact that an unexpected wilderness survival situation is frequently born from innocent daily activities such as fishing and hunting trips with a family or friends. More often than not, good activities go off without any hitch. But, there are times that things may go wrong and once they do some things could escalate quickly. Before embarking some fun activities, below are some of the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to wilderness survival:

Lack of Knowledge

Most preppers and survivalists would tell you that while it is important to have basic survival tools. Your skills, ability, and knowledge are the most valuable tools you should have. For instance, if something goes wrong on a fishing trip and you have found yourself stranded in a wilderness environment, you’ll need the following skills and knowledge:

-Have a first aid kit and knowledge to use it.

-Learn to make a fire to cook and give warmth. 

-Knowledgeable of the wild edibles and some food sources.

-Know how to create a shelter that will protect you.

-Knowledgeable on how to purify water for drinking.

-Ability to signal and navigate

You might think that you don’t need those skills or knowledge since everything happens as you planned. Never make this mistake as it might result to your peril. So, learn those basic skills above.

Not Able to Prepare

Some people who come off worse once such situations happen are the ones who are not prepared. The truth is that though you do not consider yourself full pledged prepper or survivalist. If you will go hiking, camping, embarking some activities or hunting in the wilderness, you will need basic knowledge and skills to have the best chance to survive. If you’re not prepared, you’re actually making a perfect recipe for disaster.

Not Having the Right Clothing and Kit

It’s good to have your own survival tools and kit at your disposal when you are going on a camping trip, fishing or hunting. In many cases, your kit could make life much easier in a survival situation. But, you have to ensure that the clothing and kit you have are suited for the wilderness. 

Not Having Equipment and Knowledge on Navigation

The locations in the wilderness may frequently be difficult to navigate, particularly if something occurs that causes you to be disoriented. It is important that you know how to use your own compass and take at least one with you during your trip as you might end up with unfamiliar territory. Once you find yourself hiking in dense woodland, you can get lost easily or go round in circles. It could be both exhausting and demoralizing once it happens.

Taking some time to learn the basic wilderness survival skills and knowledge would make you better prepared for unexpected. You must also make some contingency plans. It will provide you the chance to survive through making smart decisions that are based on what you’ve learned and planned.