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7 Ways To Practice Quality Deer Management

Quality Deer Management

While taking down big bucks is what hunters look forward to when they go out into the backcountry, itís important to give back to nature as much as we take. That is what quality deer management or QDM is about. Ensuring that the population of deer continues to thrive and is not negatively affected by hunting. Letís consider 7 ways you can practice quality deer management.

  1. Setting goals

This is the first step towards QDM. You need to decide what you want to accomplish. Have a plan of getting there and set the plan in motion. If you want to achieve more deer numbers, hunters in an area can agree to refrain from hunting for a couple of years. This will make the next time you go hunting even sweeter.

  1. Provide water

Deer need water to survive. If there isnít sufficient water for them on your property, they will move on to areas that do. In case there isnít enough water, make a pond that is 10 feet in diameter and 5 feet deep. It should be located close to the bedding areas.

  1. Ensure adequate food

For a successful deer hunt the location you are hunting in needs to have a sufficient source of food. In case there isnít one, an alternative is to provide a food plot. This should be located further away from the boundary of the land you are hunting preferably in the middle.

  1. Ensure sufficient cover

Deer take cover very seriously. They need it to avoid natural predators as well as to keep hidden from us hunters. Deer will most likely stay in a location that provides cover for them to use when bedding down. If yours is mainly low-level grasses, you can start by planting trees, shrubs and bushes as well as cutting down large trees.

  1. Make deer paths

A proper deer path is one that is surrounded by thick cover. If you’ve spent enough time observing deer, you will notice that they like to stay hidden even when they are moving from one feeding ground to another. You can create your own traffic channels that you can also use when setting up an ambush.

  1. Make use of trail cameras

While this doesnít sound like a QDM technique, trail cameras let you see what is happening on the land. You can see if your QDM practices are bearing fruits and the adjustments and corrections you need to put in place for better results.

  1. Learn more about the deer

Anyone who has spent enough time in the woods on a hunt will tell you taking down a whitetail is anything but easy. The more you educate yourself on habits and behavior, the better you will be at being a successful hunter.


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