Cabela's Photocell Feeder

Our newest feeder for 2007 is the Cabela's Photocell Feeder.

Another one of our older feeders developed some mechanical difficulties so we needed another feeder to put on our bucket feeder while we worked on repairing our older unit.

The Cabela's photocell feeder is a very simple and cheap feeder that spins out feed for 6 seconds at dawn and dusk on its default settings. Other than the default settings the timer can be set to spin from 1 to 25 seconds and six feeding times during the morning and six feeding times during the evening may be selected.

The housing is plastic, which could be expected for the cheap price, so it will likely not take a beating. The funnel, spinner and top of the unit are metal. The funnel is bolted on with the feeder when installed, which is a good set-up. Installation on our plastic bucket was simple.

We set the feeder up and left the settings on the default of twice per day at six seconds. We turned it on and pressed the test run button. After dodging flying corn we left it with a digital trail camera monitoring every move, so we’ll see how things go.

If this feeder works well for us this will be a good purchase for the price. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Cabelas photocell feeder

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