Coyote Pictures

Since we have finally captured some coyote pictures with our digital game cameras we decided to give them a page of their own.

We first started hearing the coyotes howling in the hollows in the late nineties and we've continued to hear them in the evenings ever since. The first time I heard them it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck, but now I like standing outside in the evening listening to them.

It has taken us a while to catch up to one with our digital game cameras but we're finally catching them.

We don't know how often we'll get coyote pictures but we'll post them here when we do.

August coyote picture

Coyote in a hayfield

We captured pictures of these two coyotes in the same location about three hours apart.

Reconyx coyote picture

Here is a coyote walking through one of our food plots in the middle of the day.

EagleEye Coyote

A coyote crossing through the dark shadows of one of our food plots.

July Coyotes

These coyotes showed up in one of our food plots, the black one stayed around long enough for two pictures.

Wildview Coyote

Xtreme Coyote

These two coyotes traveled through this food plot about a half hour apart. It's a good thing I put up a sign telling them to stop and look at the camera.

08 Coyote

This is the first good coyote picture we've had in a good while. It walked through one of our food plots at 3:15 AM.

WhitetailCam Coyote

This picture was taken on the same day as the picture above at 10:01 AM and about a half mile away at the end of our hayfield.

Three coyotes

Three coyotes at one of our feeders right at lunchtime.

July coyote

A coyote crossing through a corner of one of our food plots.

september Coyote picture

We caught this coyote at one of our mineral licks. Notice this picture was taken at 5:20PM.

Fuzzy picture of a coyote

This picture is a little fuzzy but you can still tell that it is a coyote. This one is in a different food plot about three hundred yards from the first two.


This is our first coyote picture taken with our digital game cameras. It's walking up a gas line right of way that is planted with brassicas for deer.

Coyote in a hayfield

This coyote picture was taken during the same three week period as the above picture and about one hundred yards away. The date and time are not accurate on this camera so we're not sure exactly when this picture was taken. We assume that the eyes in the background belong to another coyote. We don't think that a deer would stand and watch a coyote walk by. When we lighten the picture up as much as we can it looks like it may be a coyote but we can't be certain.