Whitetail Deer Food Plot Seed Reviews

On this whitetail deer food plot seed review page we would like to introduce you to the various deer food plot seeds that we plant on our hunting property. We have been planting food plots, both successfully and unsuccessfully, since the early 90's.

Due to our opinion that the weather is the largest factor in the success in our food plot efforts we have decided to review the seed blends by the variety of the crop rather than by the manufacturer.

We're just getting started with these newer reviews and will leave the older reviews for a time since there is useful information in them as well.

We have upgraded our equipment over the years. We started years ago with an old walk behind tiller and we have slowly upgraded to a plow and disks used with a three point hitch on a 40 hp tractor and a tank sprayer we use with an ATV.

One of our biggest detriments is that we have limited time to work in our food plots. This often forces us to plant in conditions that are less than ideal so that we get the seed in the ground.

You can also follow along on our deer food plot progress at our Food Plot Journal updates which we update monthly during the growing season. Sign up for the Food Plot Journal on the form below.


Brassica (Turnips, Kale, Rape)


Imperial Whitetail Winter Greens

Ultimate Forage Oats

Cabela's Seclusion Blend

Tecomate Bucks and Bosses

Imperial Chicory Plus

Tecomate Monster Mix

Durana Clover

Imperial Whitetail Clover

Imperial Whitetail Extreme

Tecomate Ultra Forage

Imperial Powerplant

Biologic Maximum

Tecomate Lablab Plus

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