Hunting Blind
Warm Dry and Invisible

For several years we had used the second floor of an old barn as our hunting blind. It kept us dry and provided a place for my kids to hunt with me while keeping them dry and hiding their movements. A couple of years ago time finally caught up with our old barn and it began to lean.

Searching around for a replacement for our old barn I started looking at hunting blinds. As with any new product I’m always hesitant when it comes to spending money not knowing for sure how much I will use it or how well it will work at all.

I went ahead and bought one and it worked out so well that we now have two.

When the weather turned ugly on the first day of gun season in 2003 our new hunting blind was a nice dry sanctuary. It was sleeting sideways while I was comfortable inside of the blind.

My children and I also spent several hours in it that week as well and my son shot a whitetail doe from it one afternoon. It was especially nice for my kids as it kept them warm and dry and lets them move around a little bit without spooking the deer as easily.

The hunting blind is very easy to set up and take down in short order. In only a few minutes you can have the blind set up and ready to hunt. It is also light enough to carry for moderate distances.

I used a couple of cloth fold up chairs to set on. You can’t stand up inside the blind and if you sit on the ground you can’t see out of the windows so you will need something to set on.

We have now spent our third year using our hunting blinds and I have grown to like them more each year.

We tried it once in bow season and did not have any success. Usually once the deer get close they get spooked. On the other hand we had turkeys come close to us on several occasions. I'll probably not mess with the blind in bow season much again.

Rifle season is where the blind excels. The deer are not as spooked by the blind if you can get 50 or more yards from them. We also try to unzip the windows as little as possible to keep the deer from seeing us.

It is also colder when rifle season rolls around, the blind does a real good job of keeping the wind off of us.

I spent the majority of my time during this years rifle season in our hunting blinds. When it got cold and the wind picked up the tree stands looked awfully cold.

A few different varieties of hunting blinds are available. Some of the different options include scent suppressant materials, gear pockets, silhouette blocking interior materials, various camouflage patterns and shoot through/see through materials.

If you want some place out of the wind and rain to hunt with your kids or just want to stay sheltered from the elements and the eyes of a deer, a hunting blind is the way to go.

I have a Hunter's View WigWam hunting blind and we purchased an Ameristep Doghouse blind last year. It is nice having two blinds so we don't have to keep moving them around as much.

See how we built our elevated deer blind.

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