Hunting Clothes
Stay Warm and Dry

The developments made in hunting clothes in the last 30 years are astonishing. In the 1970’s hunting clothes consisted of those rough brown coats and pants or possibly wool.

Years ago staying dry was difficult at best. Rain ponchos and general rain gear was used to try to keep dry. One time we put on plastic rain suits and went out into the rain to hunt and the suits were shredded by the time we got to our stand locations.

Gore-Tex initiated the waterproof fabric revolution. Many others have now followed along including Dry-Plus, SilentHunter, Squaltex, Stormtex and RainBlocker. The capability of wearing waterproof coats, pants, hats, gloves and boots has dramatically changed the ability for whitetail deer hunters to stay in the woods through extreme weather conditions.

Thinsulate was the material the changed the world of warm clothing. As with the waterproof materials, several other excellent warm materials have been developed since Thinsulate came out. The capability for these new materials to keep us warm while not adding a lot of bulk to our garments is incredible.

Fabrics have also been developed to block wind and when combined with the waterproof and warm fabrics combine to allow hunters to withstand weather conditions that would have chased most of us back to the fireplace 30 years ago.

When all else fails you can always use a sleeping bag like my son did a few years ago.

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