Do Your Hunting Hats Keep You Warm And Dry?

I use several different hunting hats and hoods to keep my head warm and dry. keeping your head warm is very important for keeping your whole body warm. I know that they say that you lose a large percentage of heat from your head, but I think that you lose heat from any exposed part of your body.

When possible I like to leave my ears uncovered so that I can hear, but if I start to get cold I don't hesitate to cover my head.

When the weather is warm I just wear a camouflage baseball style cap. I use the bill to shade my eyes and to try to hide my face from deer. I also like to try to shade my glasses to keep the sun from shining off of them.

In wet weather I have a waterproof cap that also has ear flaps for when it gets cold. I'm sure I look funny but I'm warm and dry.

When the weather turns cold, other than the baseball style hats that I always wear, I either use the hood on a hooded sweatshirt or when it is bitter cold I have a balaclava. I always wear a baseball style cap even if I have a hood on or the balaclava. My new Rocky coat has a hood on it. I'll probably get use out of that when it gets cold. The hood and balaclava take the place of the scarf that your Mom always tried to get you to wear.

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