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Please browse through the reviews of the hunting supplies, each one has information and stories relevant to our experiences.

In over 30 years of whitetail deer hunting we have tried various hunting products. Some of these have been a great help to us, while others have not worked out so well. On the pages linked to below are the hunting supplies that we have found to be valuable to us and/or have provided years of use. We do not have access to the hunting equipment from every manufacturer so this is not an exhaustive review. We will also not mention hunting supplies that have not worked out for us, we do not want to put down a manufacturer since many people may have benefited from these same products or we may have just not used the product correctly or adequately.

After the reviews and stories on each page I will direct you to vendors where you may purchase the products that we use if you would like. Prices often change and sales and discounts can affect the prices for these products. Some of the equipment that we still use is no longer available so I will direct you to either the newer version or a group of similar products.

If you would like for us to try out your hunting products, E-mail us for complete details. If you have an excellent product, let us tell them about it.

Use our contact page to tell us about your product.

Digital Scouting Cameras


Tree Steps and Climbing Sticks

Cabela's Full Body Hunting Safety Harness

Hunting Blinds

Ladder Tree Stands

Camouflage Hunting Coats

Camouflage Hunting Pants

Hunting Gloves

Hunting Hats

Hunting Boots

Compound Bows

Copper John C4 Compound Bow Sight

Compound Bow Releases


Archery Targets

3 D Deer Targets

Auto Focus Binoculars

Rifle Scopes


Deer Calls

Hunting Clothes

Hunting Knives

Deer Scales, Hoists and Gambrels

Food Plot Equipment Options

Youth Rifles (Includes Recoil Chart)

Arrow Rest Selection

Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

Petzl Tikka and Energizer Headlamps



Padded Seat Cushions

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