Ladder Tree Stand
Steady and Sturdy

My first introduction in to manufactured treestands was a ten foot ladder tree stand manufactured by Warren & Sweat. This ladder stand has performed well over many hunting seasons and is relatively easy to use. It only consists of a platform without a seat. We now use a strap on seat for comfort and added height.

Ladder tree stands are great for those that do not take to nose-bleed heights. My son and father-in-law prefer our ladder stand. The platform is very stable once attached correctly and of course the ladder makes climbing very easy.

I did slide around a tree on the stand one day while attaching the top ratchet strap so be very careful while setting up a ladder stand as you should when installing any treestand.

Our Warren & Sweat ladder tree stand is only 10 feet high. This doesn’t put you up above the vision of the deer very much and is especially low in hilly terrain. Fortunately ladder stands today range from 13 to 18 feet high with most ladder stands 15 to 16 feet high. This added height makes concealing yourself from the eyes of the whitetail deer easier.

All ladder tree stands made today have seats. Why they did not put seats on them from the very beginning is beyond me. Without a nice comfortable seat it is very difficult to stay on any stand for very long.

The only drawback with our ladder stand other than the height is that it is not conducive to carrying it around through the woods. It works best when you know where you want it and you can take it right to the spot with an ATV. It is not extremely heavy but it is rather large and bulky.

Today ladder stands weigh anywhere from 21 to 158 pounds depending on the height, construction material and platform size. The lighter ones appear that they may be viable options to those of us that like light portability. On the other hand I’m not sure how you install the ladder stands that are over 100 pounds.

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