Monster Whitetail Deer
Body Weight Estimation Chart

Are you harvesting monster whitetail deer on your hunting sites?

On the management page we explained the need to record body weight for each of the deer that you harvest. The best way to determine whether or not the deer you have shot is truly a monster whitetail deer is of course to weigh it, but there are situations where this is not practical. In this event the following is a chart that you can use to estimate the dressed weight of your deer.

I used the chart once and it was pretty consistent with our scales. To use the chart simply take a girth measurement around the chest, before the deer is dressed out, behind the front legs, and then use the chart to obtain the dressed weight. You should only use this method when no scales are available since it is easy to vary the chest measurement depending on how tight you pull the tape measure.

Then you will know if you have killed a monster whitetail deer.

Girth (inches) 20 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 32
Girth (inches) 22 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 38
Girth (inches) 24 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 45
Girth (inches) 26 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 53
Girth (inches) 28 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 62
Girth (inches) 30 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 73
Girth (inches) 32 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 85
Girth (inches) 34 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 99
Girth (inches) 36 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 114
Girth (inches) 38 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 132
Girth (inches) 40 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 153
Girth (inches) 42 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 177
Girth (inches) 44 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 204
Girth (inches) 46 Dressed Wt.(lbs) 234

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