October 25th Whitetail Photos

Finally our pictures are dominated this week by pictures of bucks at scrapes and these are spread over three different scrapes. Needless to say we're watching scrapes closely again this week. We've also tried out a couple of homemade deer attractants that we have cameras watching for the next week. We should get some real good pictures this week.

We saw two new bucks this week. One is a small ten point we saw at a scrape and in the hayfield. The other was an eight point we caught near a mineral lick. Neither of these bucks are spectacular bucks, but we'd like to see both of them stick around.

In addition to the two new bucks we got the rest of our regulars this week. We don't have a picture of one of the small eight pointers on the page, but we did get him in a sparring match with our biggest eight point in the hayfield. I don't know what he was thinking. It didn't last long.

Two new bucks show that the bucks are starting to wander some. This last week of October/first week of November is traditionally a big time for buck movement. Hopefully we see a big one this week.

This week we got a real nice coyote picture. We caught him standing right in a deer scrape. Make sure you check the Coyote Pictures Page.

This weeks pictures were taken with our Woodland SpyCam, Treebark Cameras 4.1, Swamp Ghost, Bigfoot SLE, Penns Woods DS-07 and Trail Watcher 4220.

Our biggest buck working a licking branch over a scrape. Treebark Cameras 4.1

Another buck at the same scrape, a young eight point. Treebark Cameras 4.1

The eight point buck with a broken brow tine at another scrape. Trail Watcher 4220

A small ten point buck approaching the same scrape. We think we saw this buck earlier in the year. Trail Watcher 4220

A new eight point that showed up this week. Penns Woods DS-07

The small eight point that was wounded last year visiting a scrape. Woodland SpyCam

The small brow tine buck. Swamp Ghost

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