Seat Cushion
Key To Trophy Bucks?

A comfortable seat cushion can help you spend more time in the woods. One of the necessary ingredients for shooting a trophy whitetail deer is to spend as much time in the woods as you can. It is very difficult to stay on stand when your butt is aching or wet.

I first used the variety of cushion that had the little foam balls in it and it worked pretty well until it developed a hole. Needless to say, once the little foam balls all fell out it didn’t provide much soft padding.

I made an emergency call to my wife and she purchased a foam cushion for me on her way. You just can’t beat a supportive wife.(Pun intended)

I now use a polyurethane foam seat cushion. This seat cushion is both comfortable and keeps you dry. The polyurethane foam serves very well as padding and the closed cell foam outer layers are soft and keep water away.

These cushions are the cure for those treestands that have a cloth seat with a bar that digs into your legs. I have two older treestands that I can sit in once again now that I use a thick seat cushion.

Often during rifle season I like to sit on the ground or slowly hunt to my treestand while stopping and sitting for a while. After several weeks of bowhunting from treestands it is nice to hunt some different areas and just sit up against a tree. The padded seat cushion keeps me dry and comfortable even if we’ve recently had some rain or snow.

A seat cushion may be a small item, but it sure can help the comfort of your hunt, which in turn will keep you in the woods longer. I just strap mine to my fanny pack and take off.

Who would have thought that the secret to shooting a whitetail deer may just be an inexpensive seat cushion?

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